Have questions? We’re hear to answer anything you’d like to know. Here are some of our most common frequently asked questions:

IV Therapy, Also Known As Intravenous Therapy, Is A Medical Procedure That Delivers Essential Fluids, Vitamins, Minerals, And Nutrients Directly Into The Bloodstream Through An Intravenous Line. This Method Allows For Quick And Efficient Absorption, Providing The Body With A Direct Infusion Of The Necessary Elements For Optimal Health And Well-Being.

IV Therapy Offers A Range Of Benefits, Including Rapid Hydration, Replenishment Of Essential Nutrients, Enhanced Energy Levels, Improved Immune Function, Detoxification, And Relief From Common Symptoms Such As Fatigue, Dehydration, And Low Immunity. It Can Also Support Athletic Performance, Promote Beauty And Skin Health, Aid In Recovery From Illness, And Provide A General Boost To Overall Wellness.

Yes, IV Therapy Is Generally Considered Safe When Administered By Qualified Medical Professionals. At Integrated Mobile Health, Our Team Consists Of Experienced Registered Nurses And Paramedics Who Specialize In IV Therapy. We Follow Strict Safety Protocols, Maintain A Sterile Environment, And Ensure Proper Medical Supervision Throughout Your IV Therapy Session.

IV Therapy Involves The Direct Infusion Of Fluids, Electrolytes, Vitamins, And Medications Into The Bloodstream, Bypassing The Digestive System. This Method Allows For Rapid Absorption And Targeted Delivery, Making It Valuable For Quick Rehydration, Replenishing Essential Nutrients, And Providing Medical Treatments More Efficiently Compared To The Slower And Less Precise Process Of Drinking Water.

Absolutely! We Provide Mobile IV Therapy Services, Bringing The Benefits Of IV Therapy Directly To Your Desired Location. Whether It’s Your Home, Office, Or Other Suitable Setting, We Ensure A Comfortable And Convenient Experience. Plus, We Do Not Charge A Cancellation Fee, So If You Need To Cancel Or Re-Schedule, Just Let Us Know!

The Duration Of An IV Therapy Session Can Vary Depending On The Specific Treatment, Your Individual Needs, And The Speed Of The Infusion. On Average, A Session May Last Between 30 Minutes To An Hour. Once They Arrive, Our Team Will Provide You With An Estimated Time Frame Based On Your Selected Treatment.

IV Therapy Is Generally Well-Tolerated, And Side Effects Are Rare. However, Some Individuals May Experience Minor Effects Such As Temporary Bruising, Redness, Or A Slight Sensation At The Injection Site. These Usually Subside Quickly. It’s Important To Discuss Any Concerns Or Specific Medical Conditions With Our Team Before Your Session.

IV Therapy Can Be Beneficial For Many Individuals, But It’s Important To Have A Proper Medical Assessment Before Starting Treatment. Our Team Will Evaluate Your Medical History, Current Health Status, And Individual Needs To Ensure The Appropriateness Of IV Therapy For You. We Do Not Treat Minors Under 14 

Integrated Mobile Health Operates On Behalf Of And Under Gold Diagnostics Corp (Physician Group). Each Patient Receives A Medical Screening And If Appropriate Order Created For Treatment. In The Event A Telehealth Consult Is Required Or We Need To Confer With Your Primary Care Your Provider Will Advise You Accordingly.

If You Have Any Further Questions Or Need Additional Information, Please Don’t Hesitate To Reach Out To Our Friendly Team. We Are Here To Assist You And Provide The Best Possible IV Therapy Experience.