Performance And Recovery


Enhance Your Performance Potential With Our Dynamic Performance Infusion! Are You Ready To Ignite The Fire Within And Take Your Physical Performance To Exhilarating New Heights? Look No Further! Our Powerhouse Infusion Is The Ultimate Solution For Achieving Peak Results.

Experience Unprecedented Weight Loss, Accelerated Recovery Time, And Remarkable Muscle-Building Benefits Like Never Before. Packed With Essential Vitamins, Minerals, And Antioxidants, It Goes Beyond The Ordinary To Supercharge Your Concentration And Elevate Overall Brain Function. Get Ready To Unleash The Full Force Of Your Performance Potential And Embark On An Extraordinary Journey Towards Excellence.

Incorporated Nutrients: 

NAD+: Dose: 100 MG Increased Cellular DNA Repair, Experience Enhanced Energy Levels, Anti-Aging Effects, Improved Brain Function/Cognition, Faster Recovery Time, Chronic Disease Support.

Taurine: Dose:  500 MG-  Aids In Detoxification, Improves Digestive Function, Enhances Fat Metabolism, Antioxidant Properties, Improved Exercise Performance, Supports Cardiovascular Function, Promotes Heart And Eye Health.

Vitamin B12: Dose: 1000 MCG – Aids In Red Blood Cell Formation, Supports The Immune System, Mood Enhancement And Supports Brain Health

Vitamin B Complex: Dose: 1 ML- Increases Energy Production, Supports The Nervous System And Promotes Healthy Hair, Skin And Nails.

Glutathione: Dose: 1000 MG –Provides Skin Brightening Effects, Supports Detoxification, Offers Anti-Aging Benefits, And Boosts The Immune System.

L-Carnitine: Dose: 500 MG – Chronic Fatigue Support, Weight Management Support Through Enhanced Fat Metabolism, Increases Exercise Performance, Reduces Muscle Damage And Inflammation Aiding In Faster Recovery Post- Exercise, Improves Cardiovascular Function And Promotes Brain Function.

Who Benefits:

  • Those Aiming To Combat Fatigue, Boost Energy Levels, And Support Nerve Function.
  • People Looking To Support Cardiovascular Health, Liver Function, And Detoxification.
  • Individuals Seeking Enhanced Cellular Energy, Cognitive Function, And Overall Vitality.
  • Those Seeking Support For Energy Metabolism, Exercise Performance, And  Weight Management Benefits.
  • Individuals Seeking A Comprehensive Blend Of B Vitamins To Promote Overall Well-Being And Support Various Bodily Functions.


Support Nerve Function

Increased Brain Cognition

Accelerated Muscle Recovery