Vitamin & Energy Boost


Unlock Extraordinary Benefits With Vitamin & Energy Boost – The Ultimate Infusion Of Essential Nutrients, Minerals, And Antioxidants! Whether You’re Seeking To Fortify Your Vitamin Intake, Recover From Illness, Combat Fatigue, Or Simply Rejuvenate Your Spirit, Our All-In-One Infusion Is The Answer. Recharge Your Body, Elevate Mental Clarity, And Embrace Your Well-Being Through The Powerful Vitamin & Energy Boost. Experience The Revitalizing Energy, Heightened Focus, And Vibrant Wellness You Deserve. Get Ready To Embrace A Brighter, Healthier You!

Incorporated Nutrients: 

Magnesium: Dose : 200 MG – Promotes Relaxation, Reduces Stress, Supports Proper Muscle Function, Prevents Muscle Cramps And Enhances Bone Health.

Vitamin B Complex: Dose: 1 ML – Increases Energy Production, Supports The Nervous System And Promotes Healthy Hair, Skin And Nails.

Vitamin B12: Dose: 1000 MCG  – Aids In Red Blood Cell Formation, Supports The Immune System, Mood Enhancement And Supports Brain Health

Zinc: Dose:  2.5MG – Enhanced Absorption, Assist With Improving Zinc Deficiency And Promotes Wound Healing.

Vitamin C:  Dose: 1000 MG  – Stregnthens The Immune System, Promotes Collagen Production, Skin Health And Acts As A Potent Antioxidant

Glutathione: Dose: 200 MG -Provides Skin Brightening Effects, Supports Detoxification, Offers Anti-Aging Benefits, And Boosts The Immune System.

Who Benefits? 

  • Individuals with skin concerns
  • People with weakened immune systems
  • Individuals with nutrient deficiencies
  • Those seeking general wellness and vitality


Boost Immune System

Enhance Energy Levels

Improved Skin Health