Ultimate Hangover Relief


Introducing The Ultimate Hangover Package, A Carefully Curated Blend Designed To Be Your ‘Morning After Maestro.’ We Understand That An Evening Of Celebration Can Often Result In An Unwelcome Dawn Of Discomfort. That’s Why We’ve Orchestrated This Sophisticated Symphony Of Vitamins And Minerals, Ready To Revitalize You And Restore Your Balance. With Our Precise Formulation, We Help You Transition Smoothly From A Night Of Indulgence To A Day Of Recovery And Renewed Energy. Allow The Ultimate Hangover Package To Be Your Trusted Ally In Conquering The Aftermath Of A Lively Night, Bringing Harmony Back To Your Day.

Incorporated Nutrients: 

B-Complex: Dose: 1ml – This Group Of Essential B-Vitamins Aids In Boosting Your Energy Levels, Making Sure You Don’t Spend The Day Feeling Drained And Fatigued. They Also Support Your Nervous System, Helping You Maintain Mental Clarity And Focus, Even After A Night Of Celebration.

B12: Dose: 1000mcg – The MVP Of The Squad, Vitamin B12, Is A Powerful Energy Booster. By Supporting The Production Of Red Blood Cells, B12 Ensures A Healthy Supply Of Oxygen Throughout Your Body, Combating That Infamous ‘Morning-After’ Fatigue.

Magnesium: Does: 400mg – Known For Its Calming Effects, Magnesium Helps Relax Your Muscles And Eases Any Tension Or Cramps That May Have Resulted From Dancing Or Physical Activity During Your Night Out.

Vitamin C: Dose: 2000mg – As A Superhero For Your Immune System, Vitamin C Strengthens Your Body’s Defenses, Helping You Fend Off Potential Colds Or Infections That Can Sometimes Accompany Hangovers.

Glutathione: Dose: 1000mg – The Resident Antioxidant Guru, Glutathione, Detoxifies Your System, Neutralizing Harmful Free Radicals That May Have Accumulated From Alcohol Consumption And Other Party Indulgences.

L-Carnitine: Dose: 1000mg – If You Find Yourself Sluggish The Next Day, L-Carnitine Comes To The Rescue By Assisting Your Body In Converting Stored Fat Into Usable Energy, Giving You A Little Boost When You Need It Most.

Zinc: Dose: 2.5mg – As A Defender Of Your Immune System, Zinc Provides An Added Layer Of Protection Against Potential Invaders, Ensuring Your Body Is Better Equipped To Handle Any Challenges During The Recovery Process.

Who Benefits?

  • Individuals Experiencing A Hangover After Excessive Alcohol Consumption.
  • Athletes And Fitness Enthusiasts After Intense Workouts Or Competitions.
  • People Dealing With Chronic Fatigue Or Low Energy Levels.
  • Those Looking To Boost Their Immune System And Prevent Illness.


Maximum Muscle Recovery

Purging Unwanted Toxins

Combat Fatigue